The anticipated Auction House debuted on May 16th 2009. Many people go to the auction house to sell their items in hopes they can get a higher price, or to find rare items.

How it Works

A player must travel to a town (i.e. Haven, Diamond Fields). Then, by going here or visiting it in your menu (Auction).

Now at the Auction House, you can access any item from your inventory, choose a duration (2 hour to 3 days), and finally the option of instant buyout (set a price for a player to skip bidding, and instantly buy the item).

Once you have made a bid, you cannot retract it!

Minimum Bids

The Auction House has set minimum bids for all items, based on the rarity of the item itself. The Set Minimum Bids are as follows; Common items start selling at 10 gold, Uncommon at 30, Rare at 80, Epic at 200 and Legendary at 350. This has been put in as a measure to combat inflation!


Our fee system is similar to eBay's. We have a starting fee that is charged whether or not your item sells, as soon as it is listed. This is 5 gold for Gold Members and 10 gold for regular members. At the end of the auction, a surcharge of the winning bid is deducted as a final value fee. 2% is for Gold Members and 12% for regular members.