• Lamia poi


    August 25, 2011 by Lamia poi

    Well hello there, been a long time since i played on this site as real life got in the way so i had to leave Dynuson on his own for a while so he had to try to edit almost everything without help from anyone.

    Anyway, now that i am back and have already started working on this again, i will hopefully be adding tooltips and other templates to the site and once more the overall structrure since the update of the actual site itself means we have to change almost everything, hopefully for the better.

    hope our contributors can help out a bit more too so we can get it finished and up to date with the game itself cause there's tons of new content in the works to be added and we need to get that started asap and ready for implimentation on here D:

    this …

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  • Refiner

    Greetings my GQ friends

    April 14, 2011 by Refiner

    I've been here awhile, but have been very very quiet, just lurking in the shadows. For those who know me already, you know I just stroll along in this game. And for those who have yet to figure out who this crazy person is: if you're in one of the GQ Skype channels, that might jog your memory.

    I see you've added the Wiki Badges! Good job. I got them added on another wiki not long ago and the editors there sprung into action out of nowhere. It's a great incentive.

    If you would like any tips for wiki development or regarding Wiki Markup, feel free to drop a note on my Talk Page and I'll do my best to help you out. I can help you get the Forums up and active as well.

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  • Dynuson

    Well, the wiki is finally really coming together.. Few little things here and there, and some content to be finalized.. Plus, new content coming in game, which means it will be a flurry of updates on gear and the new Square... Keep your eyes out for the new update within the next 24 to 48 hours, plus I'll be doing some other upkeep that I've been putting off till the whole area was done :D

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