This area's boss, Demondim Fatalis, and his Demondim Spawn drop a small list if items.

Minimum Level to Enter Area: 5

Recommended level: 6-12


Skele warrior

Skeleton Warrior

Skeleton Warrior

Although fragile, this foe deals hefty damage.

Skele Mage

Skeleton Mage

Skeleton Mage

Once a powerful mage.

Bosses and Mini-Bosses


Demondim Spawn

Demondim Spawn (Mini-Boss)(Random Spawn)

You have heard horrible tales about this slow spell casting creature.

  • Requirements: FireIcon x4
  • Rewards: +6 XP
  • Reported Drops: Spectre Cape 5%

Fatalis Small

Demondim Fatalis

Demondim Fatalis (Boss)(Random Spawn)

Ego mos iuguolo vos.