Excellent PVP damage through a combination of Damage Dealing and Oppertunity.

A very formidal class against monsters and bosses if you have a friend to heal you every so often you can level extremely fast.


A great Solo player, able to self heal (as well as heal others) and deal fairly consistent damage agains foes in both PVP and PVE.

May also act as a "tank" from the Damage Reduction ability "Resistance" which reduced the incoming damage by a certain amount.


The noble healer of the game, May heal self and others and use counter tactics if used in PVP to survive longer. not a great damage amount but able to withstand longer fights because of the healing ability.

Used properly the class may level just as fast as any other if not more because it's favourable to stack energy (to cap) > stam (to about 50 base) > other stats.

Notable players have levelled to the max on this class and are able to outlevel other players faster because of the healing ability and stacks.