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Boss: The Gatekeeper

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Boss: Earthblood Revolt

"Your world is invaded by evil. You must uncover ancient weaponry, gear and magic to fight your way into the depths of the Underworld."

Spoiler Alert!

Throughout this site you'll find information normally discovered through gameplay. If you prefer to discover everything on your own, this site may affect your enjoyment of the game.

"In long times past, there were three factions... the Men, the Elders and the Evil. War ravaged the world for many years, tearing homes apart, desecrating the land, until Evil won a bloody victory. The Elders were wiped out, Mankind dwindled to but a few, and Evil's power became complete.

For many ages now this world been under the dominion of creatures most foul and dangerous, with servants for Evil lurking at the heart of it all. But there is still a chance to save this dark world. Many objects of power remain hidden on this Earth, or else used by creatures who do not understand them.

Legends have foretold your birth; a quester capable of uniting the mighty objects of this world, to bring peace once more. Search for legendary gear, weapons of power, potions of magic and menace, to help you on your path to save this cruel world from total destruction. It is time for the tables to turn." Creators of Gear Quest

Gearquest Wiki is all the information you need to play the Gearquest mini game created by David Beaton, Master Coder, on Facebook. Includes strategies for levelling. pvp and ways of making gold.

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