Haven is currently the only area in the GearQuest where players may sell items for vendor price, access their banked gold and items, and visit the auction house. This is one of the few places in which a player may obtain a mount. All PvP classes are still flagged for PvP while in Haven.

Minimum Level to Enter Area: 3

Recommended level: 3-25


Dragon Hunter

The Dragon Hunter

The Dragon Hunter

"Greetings brave friend, I seek rare fortunes from a dark place that I dare not go."


Ring of the Survivor

Ring of The Survivor

"You have made it this far, want to make it further? Buy my goods."


A fine Horse!

A fine horse!

"Hey there traveler! I have this deal for you..."

  • Requirements: 400 Coins
  • Rewards: Horse


Virus Infected Armour!

Virus Infected Armor!

"Greetings human, we are glad to help thy werewolf killer any-day, any-where."


Save Us!

Save us!

A vicious beast has been ravaging our lands. Even the almighty Leader was devastated.


Hate for Goblins

Hate for Goblins.

They terrorized me when I was little... I know a useful spell... bring me back some tusks.


Kill the Beast

Kill the beasts, (Class)!

I will reward you with this useful accessory.

Bosses and Mini-Bosses


The Troll

The Troll (Boss)(Random Spawn)

This slow-moving but dangerous creature has been spotted under Haven Bridge.


Refer to this page to find a complete list of gear.