Person vs Person
  • Best thing to concentrate on before anything is to get your 500 party team boost.
  • This will give you the best PVP Action and stats

Best Classes for PvP are:

Rogue – Specialization points should go into Opportunity and Damage Dealing

Overall best for attack, this is a result of the Opportunity

Trader – Specialization points should go into Opportunity only

Very good for attack

Titan – Specialization points should go into Damage Dealing and Resistance (or only one of those)

Great for attack and Defense

(You decide which is better for you for how many points go where)

NOTE: Bank your gold if you don't want to lose it.

PvP Titles are attained by participating in Player vs Player combat. It uses a ladder system with all players starting at the lowest level.

You can only gain points to gain the next rank if you kill people within your rank range. For example:

A Rookie player kills a No PvP title player. The Rookie player will not be awarded points towards his next title because the kill was too easy nor will the other player's rank go down.

as opposed to

An Apprentice player kills a Rookie player. The Apprentice player gains points towards his next title and might gain it (if he has had enough kills and few deaths in PvP ranked fights) while the Rookie player loses points and might become a Freshman.

To summarize, this means you must kill player's within 1 title of your own to have the chance of gaining points. Do remember however, if you are a high Rookie (near apprentice), you will have better luck killing Rookies or Apprentices to gain the next title than if you keep hunting Freshmen. The closer to your rank you kill the more points you will get, the fewer kills you will need.

Do not waste your stamina on easy kills! ;)


When you gain points towards your rank, the fight outcome will show "You gain PvP rank."

  • No PvP Title
  • Freshman
  • Rookie
  • Apprentice
  • Novice
  • Neophyte
  • Experienced
  • Expert
  • Grand Master

Point Advice

Levelling Points

Points should be every level 2 attack 1 health and then 2 attack 1 stam till 20 base stam is gained then just 2 att 1 health.


Points on Rogue should go Oppertunity and Damage Dealing and the occasional Counter tactics

Points on Titan should be Damage Dealing and Resistance.

Points on Cleric should be Counter Tactics only maybe 1 or 2 in Healing for healing while being hit or hitting others.

Ponts on Trader should be all Oppertunity and 1 or 2 points in Healing for same reason as Cleric.

Kill Streak

"Multi Kill" -3- Kills in a Row
"Mega Kill" -7- Kills in a Row
"Ultra Kill" -11- Kills in a Row
"Monster Kill" -16- Kills in a Row
"Killing Spree" -26- Kills in a Row
"God Like" -51- Kills in a Row

Gear Guide: (needs updating)

Levels 1 – 6:

Attack Gear:

Menil A' Rist x2 (as high as you can get) level 4
Superior Elven Helmet on level 4


at level 3 upgrade to Tentacula Shield
at level 4 Upgrade to Sheild of Laranis (as high as you can get).

Levels 7 - 10

Attack Gear:

* Enchanted Skele Dagger x2
Cold Morning Soulbreaker x2 (as high stat as you can get)when level 8
* Destroyers rings (the ones with skulls on)x2
   * Slayers Pauldrons
   * Hunger Grip (as high as you can get)
   * DragonHide Boots
   * Lethifold Cloak
   * Superior Elven Helm