Specializations are used to 'specialize' your character further. You are able to reset your specializations, one by one, once every 48 hours (24 hours if you are a Gold Member) or all at once with the help of the King or a stone of change. The base and top spec ratings are increased by 1 for classes to whom the spec is considered a 'spell stat'. You can pick from:

Counter Tactics

Spell stat for: Rogue

"1% chance per point for 3x more defense damage"

This spec only comes in play in PvP. It acts like opportunity, but when you are defending. Opportunity is only used during attacks.

Available to: Cleric, Rogue and Warrior

Damage Dealing

"Adds 2% damage per point"

Available to: Rogue, Warrior and Titan


Spell stat for: Cleric, Titan, Trader

"Heal yourself 2% of Max HP per point"

Costs one stamina and is used on yourself by clicking the "+" near your health and on other players by using the heal button on their profile.

Available to: Cleric, Titan and Trader


"1% chance per point for 3x more attack damage"

This spec acts only when you begin the attack. So it will never come into play if you are being attacked in PvP.

Available to: Rogue and Trader


Spell stat for: Warrior

"Decrease damage taken by 2% per point"

Available to: Cleric, Titan and Warrior


"2% more money per point from quests & selling"

Available to: Trader