The King of the world of GearQuest offers various benefits to player's in exchange for Diamonds.

Benefits for Sale

Spend Your Diamonds

10 Diamonds for full health

10 Diamonds for an extra 10 energy

15 diamonds for an extra 20 energy

30 Diamonds for FULL energy

10 Diamonds for an extra 10 stamina

15 diamonds for an extra 20 stamina

30 Diamonds for FULL stamina

30 Diamonds for a training stats reset

75 Diamonds to reset all Specialisations

King's Potions

15 Diamonds for 10 min of twice drop rate (not for boss drops)

15 Diamonds for 10 min of twice hit rate (opponents evade less)

15 Diamonds for 10 min of twice critical hit rate

Additionally, players can purchase gear at The King's Armory. The availability of gear in the armory often changes, with exception of the Flower of Healing and Royalty Rings of Progress which are always available and can only be obtained from the King's armory.

Obtaining Diamonds

Diamonds can be attained in exchange for real money purchases directly through PayPal or by completing offers through our partners, OfferPal. Players also receive diamonds when they level up.

Why is the King there?

Because gold membership subscription rates are not high enough, The King provides an extra revenue stream for the game developers to be able to maintain, support, host and improve the game. The more users the game attains the harder and more expensive it is to do all of the above mentioned things. Thanks to all the people who have supported us through The King or gold memberships we are able to keep the game ad-free, running smoothly and constantly updated. That is our goal.